Nextcloud based on the latest official fpm-alpine version, with extra features.
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NOTE: There is no longer a latest or fpm-alpine tag, as the latest version from nextcloud would be 19 but at the moment, I consider 18 more stable, you will now have to specify which major version you need: 16-fpm-alpine,16-fpm,17-fpm-alpine,17-fpm,18-fpm-alpine,18-fpm,19-fpm-alpine,19-fpm. This should prevent major problems with an unintended upgrade from 18 to 19 (you cannot easily downgrade).

In the fpm tag, the www-data user has been modified to uid/gid 82, to coincide with the alpine version, and also work with the companion nginx container, bkraul/nginx-nextcloud.


This image is fully based on the latest official fpm-alpine/fpm Nextcloud. No modifications to how the image works have been made, except for adding features. For more information on how to add features go here.


This image adds built-in support for the following features:

  • Samba
  • Redis
  • ImageMagick: (The latest fpm-alpine image for version 16 does not support any image formats (including the needed SVG format), due to it missing imagemagick package). This image corrects that.

Current Versions

The current 19-fpm-alpine and 19-fpm version is: 19.0.0
The current 18-fpm-alpine and 18-fpm version is: 18.0.6
The current 17-fpm-alpine and 17-fpm version is: 17.0.7
The current 16-fpm-alpine and 16-fpm version is: 16.0.11



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